Why is ASEA such a huge health breakthrough?

Why is ASEA such a huge health breakthrough?

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A question that is often asked is why is ASEA such a huge breakthrough for health?

‘It’s only salt water isn’t it?’

No, anyone who says ASEA is ‘just salt water’ hasn’t done their homework and hasn’t tried it for themselves.

Yes, it is true that ASEA is made in Utah from pure water and pure salt, which is cured. However, it then undergoes a heavily patented process that oxidizes and reduces the salt water solution into the final product, which is a completely different solution. 

During the three and a half day process:

Sodium chloride is split into sodium and chlorine and water is split into hydrogen and oxgyen.

We then have 4 atoms – sodium, chlorine, hydrogen and oxygen.

Those 4 atoms are then rebuilt into exactly 16 molecules.

8 of these molecules are REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES (ROS) and 8 of these molecules are REDUCED SPECIES (RS)

The ROS include molecules such as h2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), O3 (ozone), various chlorine derivatives and others. The RS molecules include various molecules as well. The ROS are positively charged oxidizers and the RS are negatively charged.

Normally, h2O2, O3, etc. can be toxic but in this balanced form, it happens to be the only 100% non toxic substance tested in history that has zero LD50 (toxicity test) reaction. This means there is no inflammatory reaction from this no matter how much is used while simultaneously stimulating a protective mechanism (boosting endogenous antioxidants).

It is “supposed” to be impossible to put those 8 ROS and 8 RS molecules together in one liquid solution without them neutralizing each other. 

If salt water is electrolyzed, you will get some peroxides, ozone and other chemicals but they will simply degrade and neutralize back into salt water.

Dr Gary Samuelson, the atomic physicist, found a way to stabilise the molecules so that they do not revert back to salt water. In other words, we are able to replenish our cells with the very substance that our cells already contain.

That is why ASEA is such a huge health breakthrough.


(With thanks to Jo le Rose for the scientific explanation).






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