My redox signaling molecules

My redox signaling molecules

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Hi and welcome to my blog!

The reason for starting the blog is quite simple.

Redox Signaling molecules.

Outside the world of redox signaling research, very few people have actually heard of these molecules. But they are incredibly important.

In fact, over the last few years scientists have been beavering away, looking at redox signaling molecules and publishing thousands of research articles about them (See Pub Med for details:  The reason for all this research is that it has recently been discovered that these molecules are central to all life on the planet.

They are formed within every cell of the body and  our  immune system and  cellular healing mechanisms depend on them for their effective functioning. A normal proper supply of Redox Signaling molecules means efficient cellular healing as damaged cells are either repaired or replaced by new, life-giving functional cells. The molecules also ensure our cells are protected too.

If you didn’t have redox signaling molecules, you’d die within seconds, that’s how important they are!


  1. Peter Bardsley  - August 28, 2013 - 2:41 am
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    I am keen to know more, there only one product? the cost & if monthly orders are required,
    2.I members create a link like above taking prospects to the company website so need none themselves
    3.Distribution plan & if one has”Spillover”from those above if unable to personally sponsor

    • Jools  - August 28, 2013 - 5:21 am
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      Hi Peter, Yes, ASEA is only one product. The cost to join as an Associate is £33 and the cost of a case depends on where you are located. In the UK, one case wholesale costs £105.60 and ten cases cost £795.
      All Associates have their own generic site such as mine: Some also have their own personal website and/or blog.
      I have emailed you a copy of the UK compensation plan and also information about the Autoship Advantage, which is the latest change to the comp plan. If you’d like more info please email me at

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