ASEA’s Reactive Molecules – Some Facts..

ASEA vertical Molecules

One question that we frequently get asked is how do you know ASEA contains these reactive molecules?

Third party testing has demonstrated that these molecules do indeed exist in everybottle of ASEA and that they are stable with a year’s shelf-life.  Some proven facts:

• The reactive molecules in ASEA are produced by a complex proprietary electrochemical process that reduces and oxidizes the base saline solution, resulting in an equilibrium of several known reactive molecules.

• These reactive molecules are the same as those that are naturally produced inside of living cells and have  been successfully measured over the last 30 years by the use of certain fluorescent dyes that act as indicators.

• Verification of the reactive molecules in ASEA is done regularly by utilizing three of these same standard fluorescent indicators, namely R-phycoerythrin (RPE), aminophenyl fluorescein (APF) and hydroxyphenyl  fluorescein (HPF).

Watch the ASEA Science video

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