Dr David Nieman’s update on the latest double blind, randomized clinical trials with ASEA

Dr David Nieman and his team are currently conducting a series of double blind, randomized, placebo trials with ASEA at the Human Performance Lab in North Carolina in the United States. Their recent research included a complete composition analysis of ASEA,which showed that there is absolutely no doubt that ASEA contains redox signaling molecules, including superoxide, which is reactive. Redox signaling molecules, which scientists say are typically very transient, have been complexed in ASEA and do not escape the drink, a key issue for these researchers.

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The focus of this current research is on metabolites. Metabolic reactions occur from eating and drinking or exercising. This results in  metabolic intermediates, hundreds of small molecules formed as food is metabolised or as muscles contract and carbs and fat are burned for fuel.Only in the last five years have scientists developed equipment to capture the shift in these metabolites.

There was a clear difference between athletes who drank ASEA and those who had the placebo. Researchers found that  drinking ASEA before exercise helps to bring fat out of what they believe is the abdominal fat area and makes it available to the athlete before they exercise. Then the muscles use the fats, sparing the carbohydrate in the muscles and allowing athletes to go longer.

As the human metabolomics data showed increased fatty acid mobilization following 7 days ingestion of ASEA, Dr Nieman’s team hypothesized that if this was the case, then endurance capacity in mice would improve compared with a salt water placebo.They therefore conducted an animal study to investigate this. The mice on ASEA had the ability to go 29% longer than those on the placebo!

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