• ASEA and the circulatory system
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    Being able to replenish our redox signaling molecules through ASEA has implications for health across the board. Here’s a testimonial from someone who did not expect to live past 40 because of a serious health condition. “I have struggled with a serious circulatory condition for close to a decade now. Two days without medication and…

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  • Redox Signaling Explained
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    For those who would like to go more in-depth with redox signaling, the book ‘Redox Signaling and Regulation in Biology and Medicine‘ is an excellent resource. Excerpt below: “For the human body, redox processes are a two-edged sword: We need them to burn our food, to provide the body with energy, to fight off invading…

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  • ASEA in the UK and Europe
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    Great news! ASEA is coming to the UK very soon. In April, it will be officially launching in Italy and shortly after it will be available in the UK. Then, it is likely that other EU countries will be opening. This means that more and more people will be hearing about the importance of redox…

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  • Animals and ASEA
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    The ability to replenish the supply of Redox Signaling molecules in ASEA is having  great results with animals as well as humans. In a life study with Kate Solisti, the international animal communicator, educator and author, 30 teams of animals are taking ASEA, as are their human companions. Some results below: Kate Solisti (Jan 2012)…

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  • Redox Signaling and ASEA
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    Redox Signaling Molecules and ASEA Another important thing to mention regarding Redox Signaling is that with age, we  have fewer and fewer of these molecules. In fact, after the age of 12, the cells’s production of Redox molecules decreases and as they are key to cellular health, the older we get, the more difficult it…

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