ASEA and the circulatory system

ASEA and the circulatory system

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Being able to replenish our redox signaling molecules through ASEA has implications for health across the board. Here’s a testimonial from someone who did not expect to live past 40 because of a serious health condition.

“I have struggled with a serious circulatory condition for close to a decade now. Two days without medication and my BP would be around 220-240 / 180. A couple of years ago my GP did not want me to leave his office and wanted to call an ambulance for me then and there. I refused the ambulance but did promise to go straight to the hospital myself, where I was admitted to the stroke ward for 7 days and monitored around the clock.

Whilst the medications did bring my BP down over time it would slowly climb back up until the doctors would increase my medication dosage. Eventually they decided they would add a diuretic to the mix which left me taking up to 5 meds a day in an attempt at controlling my BP. These medications made me feel nauseous, they made me feel light headed and at times dizzy and unclear in my thinking. The worst part was that my BP would still slowly but steadily climb back up.

This was discovered prior to my 30th birthday and to be honest I did not expect to live to see 40.

I started ASEA close to 4 months ago and nearly 2 months ago now I was so fed up with my medications that I stopped taking them altogether. Today, after nearly 2 months without any BP medication or diuretics my BP reading was 138 over 92. With the whole cocktail of meds I was taking my BP has not been that stable for nearly 10 years.  D.M.

Disclaimer: The information herein has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information on this website is for educational purposes only.  ASEA is not a treatment for any disease or health condition.

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  1. Roberto  - April 18, 2012 - 9:55 pm
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    Your BP was very high to start with, but your stable 138/91 is still high due to the salt content. A normal BP is targetted at 120/80. I suffer a different case. I have hypertension and take a diuretic to take it from 135/90 to 124/84. When I took ASEA to relieve my arthritis/gout, the inflamation went down but my BP shot up to 140/94 even when I was taking the diuretic. I have cut down the dosage of ASEA to once a day, and flush out as much of the salt as possible with water throughout to get it back to 120/80 range; hoepfully I can find a happy compromise.

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